Kill Team: Commanders (Inglés)

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An expansion for Kill Team introducing Commanders powerful war leaders with unique abilities

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Included in the box:A 120-page softback book- 33 Universal Commander Tactics cards, acting as a handy reference for the Specialist Tactics from the book – 7 cards covering the psychic powers from the book, along with Psybolt from the Kill Team Core Manual – 20 blank Commander datacards, featuring space in which to record the name, characteristics, weapons, abilities, specialisms, demeanours, levels and injuries of your Commanders – A double-sided Commander token sheet, containing a move/charge token, a fall back/advance token, a ready/shoot token, 6 Aura Tactic/Psychic Power tokens, 3 wound tokens, and 3 objective tokens.

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Dimensiones 20 × 28 cm


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