Wolf Guard Terminators

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This box set contains five multi-part plastic Wolf Guard Terminators. This 100-piece set includes: five different leg variations, five torso variants and 13 different shoulder guard variants, and 13 heads. Also included are: four sets of wolf claws, an assault cannon, four thunder hammers and storm shields, a heavy flamer, five storm bolters, three power fists, two chainfists, a frost axe, and a power sword. Models are supplied with 40mm round bases.

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Chosen by their Great Companies Wolf Lord, Wolf Guard are not raised for their age or experience, but for acts of bravery, heroism, or some may even say recklessness. The Wolf Guard make up a personal guard of each Wolf Lord, acting as advisors, drinking companions, bodyguards and as a scalpel on the field of battle. Equipped with the finest arms and armour available to their Great Company, Wolf Guard are often clad in Tactical Dreadnought armour, so called “Terminator” armour, and directed to the fiercest fighting on the battlefield to lead their brethren through deeds of savagery and violence to further add to each warriors Saga.

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Dimensiones 20 × 12 cm


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